Sand mafia kills policeman in Morena in Madhya Pradesh

Once again sand mafia has struck in Madhya Pradesh. A policeman Dharmendra Chauhan was brutally killed on Sunday.

Chauhan was crushed to death by the dumper truck which was involved in illegal transportation of sand mined unlawfully from the riverbed.

He was asked by his superior to stop the truck. But seeing Chauhan, the truck driver ran over him. The policeman died on the spot. This tragic incident took place on April 5.

This is not the first such incident. Morena is known for similar attacks on policemen and other officials.IPS officer Narendra Kumar Singh was killed in similar circumstances in Banmor in this district a couple of years ago.

In that case too, the officer was trying to stop a tractor-trolley when, he was crushed to death. Clearly, it shows that sand mafia has powerful persons' support and hence the criminals are acting fearlessly in Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh. [News clipping courtesy DainikBhaskar.com]

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