Bhind collector Madhukar Agneya in controversy over comments on farmer's death

IAS officer Madhukar Agneya has landed in a controversy over his alleged comments about a farmer.

Congress released an audio recording of the conversation in which Agneya allegedly made light of farmer's suicide.

Agneya allegedly said that if someone has six children, then it is natural that he will have a pathetic life and would die.

The comment came at a time when farmers are committing suicides in the State due to rain and hail storm which affected the crop all over Madhya Pradesh.

Agneya said that the allegation was wrong and he didn't say anything like that. The Congress has attacked the collector for being insensitive towards the farmers.

The BJP is also not happy with the statement. Party chief Nandkumar Singh Chauhan has said that the comment was in a bad taste.

The lesson is that one should be careful about words even in a private conversation. Nothing is private in this era, as anything can be recorded.

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