Patrika's aggressive campaign against corruption strikes chord in Bhopal

When readers saw their paper in the morning, they felt it was burnt. But that was not the case.

The front page was designed in such a way that it gave such an impression. The colours were used intelligently and it succeeded in creating this impact.

The newspaper's aggressive campaign in Bhopal in the form of hoardings that read as, 'Burn Patrika', had already caught the imagination of citizens.

The paper gave the message that it stood for truth and was exposing mafia, the corrupt politicians and the bureaucrats, who were all hand in glove, and wanted the newspaper out of the town and wished to burn the paper.

The front page showed old reports published in the paper like the news about a Chirayu groups hospital which was given permission to construct its building in the Upper Lake despite objections and in violation of norms. The other report was about an IPS officer Sanjay Chaudhary who was Director Sports for a long period.

Dainik Bhaskar, the leading Hindi newspaper, is known to have become 'subdued'. The impression that Bhaskar doesn't expose corruption because it has stakes in numerous businesses, and has become protective of the regime, has been strengthened by rival Patrika's vigorous campaign.

The reports that targeted BJP ministers have also given the Rajasthan-based paper, which had started MP edition, a few years back, another fillip. After Raj Express that faced administration's action, Patrika's proactive journalism may enthuse other papers.

One hopes that journalists in Bhopal stop getting 'managed' and publish stories that hit the 'system' rather than reducing themselves to official mouthpieces and turning journalism into a PR exercise.

As Patrika is known to be sympathetic to RSS and BJP, this anti-corruption campaign and exposures are more praiseworthy. Right now, the newspaper's advertising campaign seems to have clicked.

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