Heat on BJP leaders, issue of builders' nexus with bureaucrats raised in Assembly

The State congress seems to have got a bit active during the recent Assembly session when its leaders raised serious issues after a long time.

The No Confidence Motion also brought Ajay Singh 'Rahul' to the centre of political happenings in Madhya Pradesh. He made serious charges of corruption in the House.

The Opposition looked rejuvenated. Earlier, the issue of builders-bureaucrats nexus also came up. The subject of illegal mining that is causing huge loss to the state was also raised forcefully.

Congress MLA Arif Aqueel questioned Babulal Gaur that why 'He and his government is so touchy about Dilip Buildcon and the BMC commissioner Manish Singh whose name was mentioned during the Income Tax raid at Sagar Group'. Gaur replied that if roads were not constructed as per the standards, Aqueel could go to Lokayukta.

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