BJP leader terms CM, ministers as 'Ghoshna-Vir' or 'Men who Merely Make Announcements'

Report published in Dainik Bhaskar

For the BJP it was a big embarrassment. The state vice-president Raghunandan Sharma called Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a 'ghoshna-veer' or a person who was master at making announcements only.

Sharma who is a Rajya Sabha MP had attacked party leaders for their failure to rein in bureaucrats. He made teh controversial comments from public stage. The party leaders were red-faced after the news was published and channels aired his remarks. So he meant CM, ministers make tall promises but don't fulfill them.

Now he has been removed from his post and asked to explain his stand. Sharma said that his criticism was positive and he spoke truth, which hurt others but his intention was not to make fun of the party leaders. Shouldn't BJP tolerate criticism and use it for inward looking, introspection and inter-party democracy?

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