Tainted IAS officer Tinu Joshi's photo on hoarding ruins Foundation Day celebration in Madhya Pradesh

It seems there is no end to controversies for the ruling party in Madhya Pradesh.

On the foundation day, a hoarding created flutter in the state politics. It showed photographs of women who made a name for themselves in different fields.

Ironically, it carried photograph of disgraced IAS officer Tinoo Joshi who along with her husband Arvind Joshi are facing corruption case for amassing wealth worth hundreds of crores.

In place of Nirmala Buch, Tinoo's photo was mistakenly printed. But was it really a mistake or a deliberate attempt to tarnish government's image.

BJP leaders say that this hoarding was put up at the behest of the opposition or some Congress leaders in their individual capacity. Perhaps, it was a mistake by a person who didn't recognize either Nirmala Buch or Tinu Joshi, and Googled but found wrong image search results, and put it up on banner without cross-checking it.

Uma Bharti, Jamuna Devi Subhadra Kumari Chouhan, Gul Bardhan, Shalini Tami Moghe were the other 'gauravshali betiyan' or daughters of Madhya Pradesh on whom people of the state could feel pride. Tinoo Joshi found place in this select group.

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