Dalits stopped from hoisting flag on Independence Day

Dalit women were not allowed to unfurl the national flag at a number of places in Madhya Pradesh.

Sarpanch, Meera Ahirwar, reached Bhabukakari panchayat in Rahatgarh (Sagar) on August 15 but was forced to leave without hoisting the flag. Her husband was beaten.

In Rahli, another Sarpanch Kusum Rani was not allowed to enter Chandrapura village for the independence day programme, just because of her belonging to 'lower' caste.

In Malthaun, Dalit janpad president was refrained from hoisting the tricolour at Rajshahi fort. The tradition was broken because of his caste. In Syavan village panchayat in this block, Sarpanch Mihilal was also humiliated and made to stay out of the function by the local strongmen belonging to upper castes.

Discrimination with Dalits is nothing new. But the existence of caste prejudices that prevent a Dalit from hoisting flag in 21st century, 63 years after we achieved freedom, is really shocking. However, there is no strong action from the state government as yet.

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