After police firing and two deaths in Singrauli, PHQ removes SP Jayadevan

The superintendent of police (SP) Jayadevan has been shifted after the custodial death case that caused wide anger in Singrauli.

Jayadevan has been posted as Railway SP in Jabalpur. A teenager was killed in police custody. The police tried to hush up the case but later his body was found.

When angry citizens protested, the police again fired and an innocent  youth who was going home was killed in the firing. Jaydevan has been transferred after this incident.

The PHQ has also taken action against another senior IPS officer. He is DIG RK Shivhare. His name had come up during the professional examination board (PEB) scam.

The officer's role was found in dealings with the rackets that were involved in the fraud. Later, he was suspended also. Some other police officers have also been shifted.

The latest round of reshuffle also sees posting of Arun Pandey as Commissioner, Ujjain. More transfers are likely to take place in coming month, as state government will post officials before the Lok Sabha elections.

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