Best or Worst of Bhopal: Rice Bowl Chinese and Thai Restaurant

If you want to try Chinese or Thai food, you can give a try to Rice Bowl which is located at Mansarovar Complex near Habibganj railway station.

This is not far from MP Nagar. The restaurant has a good feel and a nice interior. The food is also okay.


1. The basic Chinese delicacies like veg fried rice, noodles and manchurian are good. You can try soupls also. There are lot of options on their menu. The best thing about the restaurant is that the food is in ample quantity. If you ask for rice and a curry, may be two people can eat to their content. The Thai food is not so good but for a change you can order it. 

2. This is not an expensive place to eat. But with Rice Bowl, there are some other issues. The kitchen seems to be less clean because you may find a spider or a fly in the food. There have been more than a few such experiences. The waiters aren't too friendly. They rarely flash a smile. At best, it is a plastic, patronising look at the visitor.

3. People also complain that there is no clarity about non-vegetarian food (chicken or mutton) whether it is Halal or not. The staff is not helpful in this regard and there is no mention on the menu or in the hotel. No one including the manager says it properly.Worst, you can't even write a review or leave a note. 

4.  Perhaps, they have no idea about what is a 'SUGGESTION BOOK'. There is also a parking issue with this restaurant. Throughout the day, the area is abuzz with commercial activity. Go after 9 pm and you won't encounter the parking issue then. 

5. Unlike other places in Bhopal where if you go ten times, they will recognise you, give you a smiling look, don't expect anything at this place. Do they behave in such a way because they want to indeed look authentic Chinese, and not Indians!

A positive thing to end this review with: You can have PRAWNS in this restaurant. So this is an interesting place. If they just focus as much on their behaviour and truthfulness as well as they do on interior, it will be a better place to eat. 

Do go once and then share your views. 

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