MP minister Paras Jain faces corruption charge

State minister Paras Jain once again finds himself in the midst of the bribery row. Food Inspector Akram Khan was asked for a bribe of Rs 1.55 lakh for transferring him. Khan had committed suicide due to the pressure on him.

The minister's PA Rajendra Bhootda had allegedly demanded the money. Khan was transferred from Indore to Bhind. Though he paid, Khan was instead transferred from Bhind to Dewas. He was not given posting of Indore.

After transfer, Akram did not get his pay for nine months. There was further pressure on Khan to pay more bribe. After his suicide, his wife Zarina fought for justice. She knocked at every door and even reached state capital, Bhopal.

The issue has now rocked the Assembly. Food minister Paras Jain has suspended Bhootda and the officer who had stopped Khan's salary has also been removed. The issue again shows that corruption plagues the state and this affects the image of the BJP government. Will Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan do a cleanup?

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