BJP MLA's kin in rape row: Girl reaches CM House for justice

Another BJP leader is in the midst of controversy after his nephew was booked for raping a girl recently. The victim was allegedly abducted and raped. The MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia represents Mandsaur in the Assembly.

The girl has alleged that Sisodia's nephew Dharmendra raped her after abduction. Her complaint was registered but later administration didn't act. Dharmendra moves freely and was not arrested. She reached Bhopal to get justice and meet Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.
But here she didn't get an opportunity to even present her case. When she reached CM House, the policemen forcibly took her away. There was no women police personnel when she was whisked away. After media persons flashes the news, she was released in a hurry.

This incident again shows that power-drunk relatives of ministers and legislators care little about the law. Poor victims in small towns and villages don't have a voice and there complaints aren't taken seriously in Bhopal also.

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