Bulldozing Bhopal's heritage: Plan to demolish Jumerati Darwaza, Sheesh Mahal

Former Chief Minister Babulal Gaur has said that the historic Jumerati gate, the oldest post office of Bhopal and the Sheesh Mahal are three decrepit structures that ened to be demolished.

This statement comes from the minister who holds the charge of Urban Administration Department. The manner in which Gaur outrightly ordered demolition of the heritage structures is not just condemnable but also shows a total lack of vision.

Worldover citizens take pride in heritage and take care to protect historical structures in their cities but in Bhopal, which had palaces and buildings in abundance, it is exactly the opposite which is being done.

Here builders and landsharks are eying every piece of land that is available, regardless of the importance of the place.When Taj Mahal and Gauhar Mahal could be renovated, why not the existing Sheesh Mahal, GPO and Jumerati Darwaza?

Citizens must protest the decision and send a strong message to the state government regarding the mindless plan to demolish the structures. Bhopal must be saved and its historical buildings preserved, for the sake of all of us.

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