Corruption case against former Health director, commissioner

The Lokayukta police have registered case against former Health Director Dr Yogiraj Sharma and six other officers for the Rs 12 crore fraud in purchase of medicines.

Other than Sharma, former Commissioner Rajesh Rajora is also an accused in the case. The drug kits were purchased through supplier Ashok Nanda in 2005-2006. It was found that some officers had forced the government to pay Rs 11.99 crore more than the required amount that ought to have been paid.

The Laghu Udyog Nigam (LUN) officers' role had also come under suspicion and were allegedly in collusion with health department officers. A complaint had alleged that the drug kit was purchased under the National Rural Health Mission scheme but fraudulently advance payment was made to Malwa Drug House, a firm, in violation of rules. Rajora is these days posted in Revenue Board at Gwalior.

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