AIDS Girl in Indore: Youths scared of HIV

Many youths in Indore are said to have got HIV virus from a woman suffering from AIDS. The girl asked some youths to have fun with her and later they found that some of them had got infected.

Local media has named her 'Vishkanya'. Earlier it was felt that the news was a mere rumour but a doctor in Indore has confirmed that he receieved youths who told the same story of a 'broad minded girl'.

Girl giving sexual favours to them and later they found that she was taking a revenge on them, as she had got the infection from a male. It is also said that she is a psycho. India TV also showed a special programme on her.

A youth who was part of a group that spent time with the girl, told his story to the news channel. Though she is not identified, the police have prepared sketch of the woman. Latest reports said that she has left Indore and is living in Bhopal.

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