American 'missionary' attacked in Raipur

Unidentified persons attacked Steve Ellison, an American, settled in India, and injured him when he was taking a walk in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.

It is believed that BJP-supported Dharam Sena activists could be behind the attack. Several attacks on foreigners have occurred in Raipur lately by organisations who are against conversion of tribals to Christianity. Steve, 55, a diabetic, was taking a walk when he was attacked.

He was beaten up and attacked with a heavy object in the head. He lost consciousness and was admitted to the hospital. American embassy has got in touch with local authorities over the issue. The activists who attacked Elison in Pandri area, had asked him to go back to the country, he came from. The State Home minister has described the incident has unfortunate and said that action would be taken against the guilty after their identity is established.

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